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Sentient Objects, Second Lives


Sharmistha Ray Studio is pleased to announce the seventh edition of Bellevue Salons for a conversation titled Sentient Objects, Second Lives on Tuesday, 9th February 2016 at 5.00 – 7.00pm at Artisans Gallery located at 52 – 56, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Near Rhythm House, Fort, Mumbai 400001 in partnership with Kala Ghoda Association and Kala Ghoda Workshops, for the occasion of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016.

Sentient Objects, Second Lives explores two divergent perspectives on recycling and sustainability. How do we impart a second life to objects, and imbue them with a sense of meaning? Industrial Designer Tamar Akov approaches this from a practical and functional point of view, presenting her research on planned obsolescence. Artist & TED Fellow Jorges Mañes Rubio views this space through a creative and aesthetic lens and will discuss his current project Design Museum Dharavi in Mumbai, a new cultural initiative in Mumbai he recently founded together with Amanda Pinatih and Mumbai-based collective URBZ. The presentations will be followed by a salon conversation with Sharmistha Ray, Founder and Curator of Bellevue Salons.

Tamar Akov, Industrial Designer
“The short life of gadgets – are they made to break?”
Tamar Akov presents her research on consumerism, specifically focusing on consumption and over consumption, our chase after the “new thing,” fashion, technology and the vicious cycle of planned obsolescence.

Jorge Mañes Rubio, Artist & TED Fellow
“Seethisway. Reimagining Reality through Fictional Narratives”
Jorge Mañes Rubio will talk about the motivations behind his work that merges travelling, heritage, culture and consumption as main subjects, employing design and site-specific interventions to reframe different locations around the world.

Bellevue Salons is a unique conversational platform founded by artist, curator and TED Fellow Sharmistha Ray in 2014. This mobile concept aims to integrate multidisciplinary art forms and augment participatory modes of engagement with contemporary culture in surprising new ways.