Cosmic Earth (Chapters of the Day/The Original S.F. Pride Flag by G.B. ’78/Kundalini-Tantra), 2018

Cosmic Earth No. 1/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Bibhas (Daybreak), "Blood-red, let go of my arms and kiss my cheek/Muladhara/Red" ektal: 4'33

Cosmic Earth No. 2/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Bhatiyar (Early Morning), "Your eyes are awake/a songbird alights upon my brow/Kamala/Svadhishthana/Orange কমলা" tintal: 4'11

Cosmic Earth No. 3/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Gujari Todi (late morning), "Oh beautiful one! Your skin as warm as pebbles on the beach/Manipura Yellow-Pink" tintal: 3'49

Cosmic Earth No. 4/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Multani (afternoon), "Your eyes are full of sleep and the Pale Moon. Your smell, like Fresh Strawberries in the Waxing Summer/Anahata/I Love You" ektal: 3'48

Cosmic Earth No. 5/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Puriya (sunset), "Show me your face, sweet night, so I may make love to the day again. Raatri/Divaa. Vishuddha Chakra/Blue like the ocean" tintal: 4'32

Cosmic Earth No. 6/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Yaman/Madhuvanti/Bihag (early night/late evening), "I spend my nights counting the stars/Sahasrara/Blessing" tintal: 3'39

Cosmic Earth No. 7/7 (Chapters of the Day): Raag Miyan Ki Malhar/Kafi (any time/rainy season/midnight), "Lightning flashes, rain falls in the thunderstorm, and your eyes like hot flashes of coal. Burnt/Saṃsāra/The Beloved" tintal: 4'36