CHROMAGICK, 2022 [Works on Paper by Hilma’s Ghost]

Have you noticed that what you are looking for is already right in front of you?

The fantasy is over, this is your reality check: you faked it until you made it so you know what this costs, but do you recognize your value?

The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s so much worse to believe the lies. You say you want to know what’s real but then you refuse to hear it. The secret to happiness is that it really doesn’t have to be like this. Help is here when you need it, all you need to do is ask

“Once you recognize the reality, the right decision is easy. After all, you can’t take it with you and money is best shared and enjoyed with people you love so go ahead and host that party in honor of everything you finally let go of from your past. Imagine if you just put yourself first now because who said self care is merely a daydream? This is a fantasy to get swept up in

Before you rush ahead, consider your options carefully. This is your time so choose wisely. Is this real or is it a fantasy? Even if it feels too good to be true at times, this next step promises an adventure. Surrender to the moment offering anew perspective.

When you are stuck in the past and clinging to your old ways, you will miss out on the open road ahead of you. This cycle ends now. You aren’t alone in this one because we are all in this boat together. What are you waiting for? The only way out is through

You got away with it, you really have it all now. Don’t hesitate, this is your happily ever after