ABSTRACT FUTURES TAROT, 2021 [Paintings by Hilma’s Ghost]

Go ahead, go for it! Go after what you want. You know its right in front of you so reach out and grab it. Missing an opportunity because you dont take it is worse than trying and failing. Maybe success will be in the failure? Live without regrets because at least you tried.

Not everything is as it seems right now. You are unsure as to which way to go next. It feels uncomfortable to be so unsure, but you must make a decision because standing still or remaining in place is not an option. Make your choice.

You are embarking upon a new journey... put your all into it, your whole heart. Explore! Don't be afraid of what you find or what you uncover. Is it too good to be true? No, its everything you hoped for and more. This is the inspiration you always desired.