Politics of Art, New Blog Launches May 1 – Press Release

Politics of Art:  Launch of a new blog on Indian Contemporary Art 

Mumbai, Thursday, May 1, 2014

POLITICS OF ART, an exciting new blog about Contemporary Indian art with social media links was launched today.

Conceived by art promoter and author Anupa Mehta and artist and writer Sharmistha Ray the blog is envisaged as a cutting-edge, alternative platform for fostering conversations around contemporary art trends in India and internationally.

Ray and Mehta believe this blog will become a talked about e-venue for important dialogue around art, its practice and its practitioners.  “The idea is to widen the circle and trawl in newer ideas and present current trends for the benefit of many kinds of audiences,” says Mehta. Ray and Mehta will curate the conversations and these will be posted on a monthly basis. “The idea is to challenge existing definitions about what constitutes art in India. By bringing both my and Anupa’s experience and expertise to the table, we seek to engage and expand the field of art,” says Ray.

The first post, which discusses the merits of inclusion whilst presenting a bird’s eye of the Indian contemporary art space from their perspective, is itself a layered conversation likely to elicit responses from a cross section of readers and spur a lively discussion. 

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Are the politics of exclusion restricting the growth of Contemporary Indian Art?  

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