Save the date: Closing reception of “Can You See Me?,” 5th April, 2012, New Delhi.

‘The S Word’: A conversation on the changing visual landscape of intimacies and desire in Indian Cinema, image & contemporary art. With participants Onir, Poorna Jagannathan, Mithu Sen, Radhika Singh, Rosalyn D’Mello, Anne Philpott (An Engendered Salon Series Event)

6:00 – 7:00 pm:
Reception with artists of the current gallery exhibition.
7:00 – 9:00 pm: Panel Discussion ‘The S Word’

About The Panel:
We live in a visual culture. Images shape our desires, the way we think and the manner in which we connect and interact with the world around us. These images come flying at us through cinema, magazine covers, the media, art exhibitions and increasingly the internet. Sensuality and sexuality is inherent in these images, making it impossible to ignore their messaging around desired bodies, contraband desires. Has contemporary art offered narratives of resistance and subversion or has the art world also been subsumed or subject to the same messaging? Sex on film, tv & art has been banned, censored, edited, and destroyed by those deeming the content to be obscene or immoral. This conversation will trace the way sex and sexual imagery have historically and currently impacted our visual culture, social standards, mores and behaviors. It will further explore the emergent new visual vocabulary and the potential that they have to augment our visual capability. How does the intimate and personal become political? How do images reveal newer ways of understanding? How can we see beyond the provocation of the ‘S’ word?

About the Participants

Onir. Critically acclaimed Director for ‘ I Am’ (2012 National Award for Best Film) , and ‘My Brother Nikhil’ film, one of the first mainstream Hindi films to deal with AIDS and same-sex relationships.

Poorna Jagannathan.Lead actress for ‘Delhi Belly’, Femina Award Winner 2012, Stardust Max Award winner for Breakthrough Performance, 2012

Mithu Sen. Contemporary Multimedia artist known for her subversive work on gender and sexuality. Winner of Skoda Prize for Excellence 2011

Radhika Singh. Founder of Fotomedia, Delhi’s first photo library and International Photography Curator

Rosalyn D’Mello New Media Writer on Culture, Art, Gender & Politics, Editor of India’s first anthology of Women’s Erotica by Zubaan (India’s first feminist publishing house)

About The Engendered Salon Series: A series of community arts events which extend the dialogue from the annual multidisciplinary arts & human rights festivals and signature events hosted by Engendered, to various venues in New Delhi. The Salon Series continues Engendered’s mission to use the arts to explore the complex realities of gender and sexuality in modern South Asia, raise awareness, act as a fulcrum to enter public dialogue and break silences, impact perceptions around issues of gendered identities, stereotyping, bias, and sexual choice, and further relate these issues to the affirmation or violation of human rights.