NEWS | | Sharmistha Ray launches Bellevue Brunches

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6th – 11th October, 2014

Sharmistha Ray is pleased to announce the commencement of BELLEVUE BRUNCHES, a cutting-edge concept that combines the tradition of the seventeenth-century Parisian salon with a modern artist’s open studio. The new identity is Ray’s gift to Mumbai, which has been her muse since she moved to the city 8 years ago from the United States. The weeklong event is taking place from Monday 6th – Saturday 11th October with a Media Brunch on 4th October, 2014.

Says Ray: “Bombay has harbored my highs, lows, heartbreaks, confessions, desires, aspirations…above all it has fuelled my creative spirit in multiple and unparalleled ways.” To mark this phase of her journey, the artist makes a unique gesture of selectively opening up her studio and workspace to create an intimate space for critical engagement and discourse in the manner of the cultural salons. “The density of the urban space, the richness of intellectual life and sociable traditions make Bombay a perfect place for this concept to take hold,” she says.

The exciting new concept, BELLEVUE BRUNCHES, will mark a radical new venture in the cultural calendar in India. The concept of Apartment Exhibitions by artists, curators or dealers has proliferated in dense urban centers in the United States, U.K. and Europe for more than a decade, and has become a legitimized alternate space for viewership and engagement with a selected public. In a time of open engagement and fluid structures, the artist opens up her space in which the public become part of the creative process.

For a week, Ray turns her painting studio & workshop into a viewing space to display paintings, drawings, installations and photographs of her process which have not been seen in Mumbai before. Among these is the largesse painting City of Eros, a towering tribute to the city of Mumbai, which symbolizes an expressive field of passionate marigolds.

About this painting, the artist says: “City of Eros is an abstract landscape that represents the feminine, ritualistic and erotic nature of Bombay- its intense energy and depths and opposing dualisms of the sacred and sexual.”

Sharmistha Ray launches the event with the Media, with a brunch on Saturday, 4th October, followed by an exclusive Sunday Private Brunch with patrons and friends who have been an integral part of Sharmistha’s journey in Bombay. Prominent personalities include artists, art collectors, curators, intellectuals, designers and architects.

The open days of the exhibition from October 6th-11th, 2014 is by appointment only. We invite a range of art lovers to be part of this new space for art, to meet the artist and to engage with the artist’s work in the environment in which it was created. The exhibition will include an exclusive preview of City of Eros, and there will be a closing event Conversations on the last day with the artist in conversation with prominent art world personalities in a salon style. (Details TBA).

BELLEVUE BRUNCHES is by invitation, or appointment only, to preserve the sanctity of the artist’s private space, which is first and foremost, always a place for critical and creative engagement.

For media enquiries or to book an appointment to meet the artist, please call Noopur at +91 773 813 6888 or email